What is Geo-Gami?

Geo-gami (geometric origami - see what I did there?) is the name I use to describe the style I use: the multi faceted, geometric, paper shapes that build up my sculptures. This style was created during my masters in Authorial Practice: Illustration at Falmouth University, where I wrote and illustrated Onund's Saga. Since then I've developed the style, from use as illustrations, to stand alone works of art, and more recently larger scale installations.


I make paper sculptures and write stuff. My work is all about the use of shapes and light, the shadows my sculptures cast being as important as the forms they create. I produce work that appears to spring from the walls, the floor, from pages of a book.

I studied a BA English Literature at The University of East Anglia followed by a Masters in Authorial Practice: Illustration at Falmouth University.


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